Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No Label Brewing Co.

No Label Brewing Co.
Katy, TX

This article is a little different than usual. Usually I go to a place and try their food or beverage and rush home to write about it. In this particular case there was nothing to try, nothing to see and nothing to particularly write about. I am so excited for new businesses to pop up in Houston and I love to watch them grow. I was lucky enough to find a new brewery starting up in Katy that is still in the very beginning stages. I was lucky enough to meet with Brian Royo, head brew master and founder of No Label Brewing Co. Now when I say that things are just getting started I mean they have yet to finish setting up their brewery. Brian is still brewing beer in his garage and this is where it has taken him from home brewing to starting up Houston’s newest microbrewery.
Brian Royo, a Katy Taylor graduate and University of Houston alumni, became inspired to brew after visiting the local Saint Arnold’s Brewery. He headed over to Delfaco’s and purchased his first home brewing kit and he got to work. While making beer for friends and family he figured why not try and make a business out of it; Three year later and that is exactly what Brain has done.
-The Beer –
No Label Brewing Co. is hoping to have the brewery setup and brewing by mid April and if all goes well we can expect to see the beer on shelves by the end of 2010. No Label Brewing Co. is working on bringing you some very authentic and original styled brews from their Ridgeback, a hybrid of Brown and Amber ale, their El Hefe, a hefeweizen and their Silo Ale is a blond ale. Brain seems very passionate about his beer and he is quick to mention Southern Star & St. Arnold as inspirations for small breweries that have grown and spread into the market. I believe what separates No Label Brewing apart from others is that they are a laid back small brewery and they are working hard to get their name out there before the product even hits the shelves. No Label Brewing Co. Has been making a name for themselves tailgating at the University of Houston football games and keeping up with their fans on Twitter and Facebook and I believe it will help them greatly to establish themselves as Houston’s newest brewery. I anxiously await to sample the beer and look forward to their success in Houston.

Be sure to follow them on Twitter @NoLabelBrewCo to find out about their events.