Monday, April 20, 2009

The Chocolate Bar

The Chocolate Bar
1835 W Alabama St
Houston, TX 77098
(713) 520-8599

This weekend after a having a great dinner my sinful cravings for dessert were calling. I tried to avoid listening to the sugary satanic verses but the powers were too strong. As we cruised down Alabama St. we came across the Chocolate Bar. The name alone caught my attention and I just had to soothe my aching sweet tooth.
The Chocolate Bar is located in small shopping strip and parking is very limited. It almost made me think this was a real bar. This place was jam packed.
As you walk in you are slapped in the face with the sweet succulent smell of decadent chocolate. From cakes to cookies, ice cream to candies...if you love chocolate this is your place. The Chocolate Bar is like a candy store for adults. Everyone was dressed as if they were at a real bar and instead of Patron; the crowd was taking shots of hot chocolate. Seating is very limited here but most people take their deserts to go. As you wait in line your mouth fills with saliva and you suddenly feel an intense urge to slam you face into the glass counter. The beautiful array of gourmet cakes makes your mind go into a state of confusion when trying to decide on which cake to try. So many choices! Once you pick your cake and move close to the cash register you pass another glass counter with even more beautiful deserts. The cookies, brownies and cupcakes call out like to you a puppy in a pet store, screaming "Buy me, buy me." After you pay and walk on the other side of the shop you pass more glass counters with homemade ice creams, chocolate dipped fruits and specialty gourmet chocolates. After spending a few excruciating minutes for our turn, we decided to go for the Tuxedo Cheesecake and the Candylicious Junkyard. At $6.95 a slice or $55.00 for the whole cake we figured this better be the best damn desert we ever had. As we admired the cakes drizzled with toppings, our hearts beating anxiously as we prepared to dig in. We started with the Tuxedo Cheesecake. White chocolate cheesecake rested atop a homemade Oreo cookie crust and drizzled with caramel and dark chocolate sauces to make your pupils dilate in ecstasy while your taste buds stand on end begging for more. The cheesecake was so smooth and velvety without being too thick and over sweet. A glass of milk or coffee would have gone nice but there was no time to stop from devouring this sweet concoction. As we moved to the Candylicious Junkyard I almost felt intimidated. I wasn’t sure if I could handle this much sweet gooey goodness without slipping into a diabetic coma. The Candylicious Junkyard is a confetti mixture of Butterfingers, Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Baby Ruth, Nestle Crunch, Twix and Kit Kats rolled into a white Bavarian mousse also drizzled with caramel and chocolate sauces. After one bite my senses were in heaven. It was as if there was a chocolate orgy in my mouth. It was so hard to swallow because my tongue was taking in all the flavors. The cake was so rich and smooth with a nice mellow crunch of the peanutty goodness. This was without a doubt the best desert I had ever had! The price may have been a little high but I would go back without a doubt. This place was so amazing that it makes getting fat worth it. The only downside to this charming little joint is that parking is very limited, as is seating, and there is only one bathroom but other than that this place is well worth the visit. So if you’re looking to ease the yearning of your sweet tooth, head to the Chocolate Bar. You will be coming back for more!

Little Bigs

Little Bigs
2703 Montrose Blvd
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 521-2447

Mini burgers, Sliders, Burger it what you will, but the tiny burger craze is sweeping the nation and it seems like everyone is trying to jump on the bandwagon. From Burger King to Chili's, everyone is making their own version of the so-called slider. This includes Houston’s new establishment, Little Big's.
Located in a tiny building on Montrose near Westheimer, Little Big's is taking their love for these tiny creations to a whole new level. Here at Little Big's your options are very limited and you can choose from 3 types of sliders: Beef, Spicy Chicken and 'Shroom & Cheese. You can either order 'em solo or as a trio or you can pick any combo of the 3.
I decided to go for the Trio and get one of each and their four minute fries. A big appeal to me was that everything here is served fresh. From the piping hot fries, the fresh ground beef, rolls and topping...everything is done in house. Since sliders are small it doesn't take very long to get your order and it only takes four minutes for the fries, hence the name. They do have a topping bar to add all of your desired fixings. I suppose this is to help make these tiny burgers seem more filling. At first glance they looked pretty enticing. The Spicy Chicken slider had a great fresh chicken flavor. This is real chicken, not that mixed meat mystery poultry with rib meat. While the flavor was good it lacked any type of seasoning to make it "spicy", as the name said. The chicken was breaded and fried perfectly. It had a nice crispy breading and the sweet dill pickle made a nice compliment to the little sandwich. The homemade yeast roll was semi soft and was easy to bite into.
Next I moved on to the 'Shroom & Cheese slider. From the looks of this one it was going to be oozing with hot cheese ready to afflict third degree burns to my mouth. It is composed of crimini mushrooms and a three cheese blend which was then deep fried. The description alone made my mouth water but once I dug in I felt very disappointed. You can’t really go wrong with mushrooms but the cheese mixture was seriously lacking. It tasted like a mix of government cheese and flour. It was a little hard to swallow but I managed to get it down. Lastly, I was ready to jump in on the juicy beef slider. Claimed to be small but big on flavor and topped with caramelized onions, I couldn't wait to sink my teeth in. As I took a bite I noticed the beef was juicy but it kind of lacked in seasoning, just like the rest. A big turn off for me was that the beef was under cooked. Some people like a pink burger but I would rather not take this risk. The Four Minute Fries were actually pretty delicious. They were nicely salted and fried golden brown without being overly greasy. If I were to make a return to this place I would stick with the Chicken but to each their own. I personally find this as a place to have a few drinks with your buddies and watch the game. They have special, $1.85 Lonestars! Overall, there were just a couple of things I did notice about this place that could be worked on. The interior of the place is very small with just four long counter top tables and the outside deck is great provided there are good weather conditions, so be careful if the weather is nasty. The service here was a little pushy. They kind of expected you to know what you want as you walk in the door. This place isn't all bad, it’s open to 3am so if you are looking for that bite before the road home stop into Little Big's to give it a try and see what you think.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Uptown Sushi

Uptown Sushi
1131 Uptown Park Blvd # 14
Houston, TX 77056
(713) 871-1200

Houston is a "see and be seen" city, and with the countless number of trendy restaurants popping up all over town everyone is trying to set themselves above the rest. Over the last few years it seems as though sushi restaurants have made a heavy impact on Houstonians and every night of the week you will find these restaurants packed with hungry patrons either looking for a healthier option or just gathering with friends for drinks. It was my girlfriend's birthday, so I was looking for the best sushi in town. I came across Uptown Sushi.
Nestled in the middle of the Uptown Park shopping center near the Galleria, Uptown Sushi is slicing up some of the freshest and cleanest fish in town. Here you will find a more mature and sophisticated approach to sushi. You won’t find their signature rolls at any other spot in town, so don’t expect to find the usual clique rolls that you find at every other spot. Here at Uptown they have they offer exclusive menu items that are guaranteed to get your taste buds dancing in ecstasy.
As you walk past the sushi bar you see a colorful, decadent display of the finest fish the chef is carving up right before your eyes. The glistening cuts of sushi make your mouth water as you comb over the menu trying to pick the most flavorful option. In the end you will find no wrong choice. This time around we went for the Uka Roll. A perfect blend of flavors, mixing the shrimp tempura, salmon and tuna with the mild avocado and semi sweet eel sauce and the added kick of a spicy paste made this one of my favorite rolls I have ever had. I also wanted to taste some of the fresh fish that was calling my name from the sushi bar so we went with Yellow fin Tuna, Smoked Salmon and Red Tail Nigiri Zushi. It is almost impossible to explain on how clean everything tasted. With every savory bite you mouth will beg for more. This is a must for any sushi lover in Houston. You will be blown away by how pure everything tastes and you will be recommending this place to everyone. I will forewarn you that the rolls are not as big as other restaurants but you will not regret this experience. Another warning this place is a little on the small side so make reservations or prepare to hang out the bar until a table becomes available. Uptown Sushi is a very beautiful restaurant with very calm vibes and would be a great place for a date or to gather with a group of friends.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Late Nite Pie

Late Nite Pie
302 Tuam St
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 529-5522

It's Friday night and I just enjoyed a great show at Warehouse Live. They had a special on Lone Star beer so of course I felt obliged to take part. After a few a beers the stomach started to rumble and it was almost feeding time for the masses. We decided to be smart and beat the crowds and leave the show a little early. Every time I watch a live concert I start to reminisce walking down 6th street in Austin indulging in tongue tantalizing pizza. The best spot I could think of close by was Late Nite Pie. Just a heads up they have moved to a new location. Once located in an old gas station turned pizza parlor off of Elgin, Late Nite Pie has moved to a larger spot off of Tuam. The best part about the move is the place is bigger and they have more parking. Come to think of it there is more parking than there are tables. I will admit the lack of tables is kinda of a downfall but you can still order your pizza and post up on any spot you can balance the pan. The decor of the place is pretty fun. They have pool tables both inside and out. They even have a ping pong table and a play area for the kiddos. While talking to the bartender I was told they are about to start having live music there on the weekends. We looked over the menu a little while and enjoyed a few beers. While they have some interesting names for some of their specialty pizzas I can assure you they taste alot better than they sound. The "Stanky Whore" is still yet to be proven wrong. This time we went for a classic favorite the "Italian Stallion". Nothing odd on this pie just sausage, pepperoni, roma tomato's and garlic served with a side of Italian dipping sauce. It didn't take very long for them to bring this fresh 'za out to our table. Everything about this was pizza fresh. The bread was so soft that it made every bite melt as it entered your mouth. One key note was that the garlic was very mild and didn't over power the rest of the pizza. The Italian sauce kind of seemed like a milder salad dressing but added a nice creamy compliment to the pie. Add it all together along with some cold beer and you have a perfect combination of sinful goodness. This pizza was so delicious I even ate my crust! At $15.99 for the medium, the price might seem a little high but I personally believe its well worth the cost. Late Nite Pie stays open late closes at 3am but I recommend getting here well before 2am. Since they are right next door to a night club I can only imagine how packed it gets once the bar closes. Just blogging about this place makes me crave it more. I cant wait to go back. Maybe I'll see you there!

West Gray Cafe

West Gray Cafe
415 W Gray St
Houston, TX 77019
(713) 528-2887

It's a Thursday night and the day before good Friday. People are out running the streets and packing in the bars to enjoying a night of sin before the holy weekend begins. This year I played it safe and enjoyed a night at the Miller Outdoor Theater. Which is a must see too but that's a whole different blog. After the show we are let loose on the streets looking for a late nite bite. driving down Gray Street I stumble upon the West Gray Cafe. A major draw to me was the open 24hrs right on the sign. From the outside this places doesn't really scream out high class dining but its a cafe and once you sit down and enjoy the food who cares what the place look like eh? We walk in starving and ready to eat like always the service is always top notch. We were welcomed right in and taken to a table. The menu offers your usual diner choices from breakfast to sandwiches and your common dinner platters. I feel a Greek presence in the room so I opt in for the Gyro. I had a feeling I was in for a real treat. I also decided to order the biscuits and jelly for a little desert. I gotta be careful not to over indulge, summer is coming up! The food was at the table within 15 mins. They must have known we were hungry. At first glance the gyro was not as big as other spots around town and the french fries were your normal precut frozen variety but once I started to devour that gyro it felt as though a symphony of flavor was playing in my mouth. The tzatziki sauce was very smooth and added a nice moist touch to the already juicy and tender mystery meat combo. I have to mention the feta cheese. The feta here was amazing! It was not over powering and almost felt like silk on the tongue. It added a huge amount of flavor to this gyro and I would have to say even though it wasn't the biggest gyro in town it was one of the biggest in flavor. I'm drooling just thinking about it. Don't think I forgot about the biscuits. The biscuits made me think of my grandmothers homemade biscuits. They had a nice buttery flavor and they brought out with a basket full of butters and different flavored jelly's. The biscuits crumble at the slightest touch but not in a bad way. Just slap on a little butter and jelly to keep them together and enjoy. I would probably recommend a little milk because its going to be rich! So the next time your looking for a bite to eat no matter what time it is, stop into West Gray Cafe. You won't regret it!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Im Ready!

This is it Houston. I finally went out and bought myself a good camera. Now it's time for me to hit the streets and look for the best bites and drinks in town. Yea I know people keep asking me why do you call it Bite Me if your writing about drinks to? Well my only answer to them is, this is my blog so bite me! If I have said it once I have said it a million times, you can't have great food without a great drink to wash it down. Coming up I am going to be reviewing some really great spots. I'm also going to attempt to work my way into the Saint Arnold's brewery. If you have any recommendations of places I should check out just let me know. Also I wanted to remind all of you that the Houston Press Menu of Menus Extravaganza is coming up very soon. I hope to see you all there!

Menu of Menus Extravaganza 2009

Early Admission 6-10 p.m.
General Admission 7-10 p.m.
Discovery Green

On Tuesday, April 21, 2009, Houston Press will host its annual food and wine extravaganza from 7-10pm (Early Admission begins at 6:00 p.m.) at Discovery Green (1500 McKinney). The event will showcase the various culinary talents of our city, complete with food sampling from over 35 area restaurants alongside wine, beer and spirit sampling. General Admission Tickets: $35. Early Admission: $75. Early Admission ticket holders are admitted into the event one hour early. Guests must be 21+, with a valid I.D. All proceeds benefit Discovery Green and The Center for Hearing and Speech.
Visit for more information or to purchase tickets.

Ticket Purchase Website:

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mmmm Beer...

So if any of you know me personally then you know I love beer. I have collected a bottle from every different beer I have ever had. I feel like im a little behind at around 150 different brews down but if you are a beer connisure like me then ya know this hobby can be very costly. I have experienced some of the best beers to the down right most disgusting things a human has ever consumed. I think its fair to say that yes different strokes for different folks but I continue to put my tastebud and liver at stake to explore the vast world of beers. My biggest dream is to run wild through the tents of Octoberfest and enjoy sampling hundreds of microbrews at the Great American Beer Festival but until I save up enough for my journey I must settle with taking a trip down to the Spec's Warehouse on Smith Street in midtown. For me I feel like a little kid in a candy store walking through the isles of wines, champagnes, spirits, beers and cordials from all over the globe, not to mention the meats, cheeses and other foods from the near and far. The sad thing about living in Texas is the strong and overbearing TABC. For no good reason they make it near impossible for microbreweries to survive in the ultra competitive market of beer sales. They make it illegal for these microbreweries to sell their beers directly to the public. Saint Arnold's Brewing Company has become the only successful microbrewery in Texas. Yeah there are a couple of others but Saint Arnold is based out of Houston so that make them one of a kind. Owner Brock Wagner is a big leader in a push to change the TABC laws. I haven't heard much if the bill passed or not but since I haven't heard of any celebrations I take it we were defeated once again. All I can say is write your congressman and tell them you support HB2094. Maybe one day we can have beer festivals here in Texas and show everyone that everything is bigger in Texas.

Any Recommendations?

Houston, I'm looking for the secret spots in town with great food and drinks. I am a very honest person and I'll tell you truthfully whether or not a place is good or not. I know everyone has different tastes and that's why I promise to be honest and as descriptive as possible so that you know what to expect next time your looking for something new. I want to know if there is some new place opening up or a place famous for their specialty drinks because you cant have great food without a great drink to wash it down. So if you know of some place that I have to try let me know and I will review it as soon as possible and give ya some credit for the recommendation!


Chapultepec Lupita
813 Richmond Ave
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 522-2365

So everyone hears me talk about Chapultepec so I figure now would be a good time to review the place I love so dearly. From the outside Chapultepec looks like a run down hole in the wall taqueria that most would dare not brave and once you step inside the you will find the decor not much too look at either but the food is amazing! This place has to be one of Houston's hidden gems. Chapultepec is open 24hr so you can get a heaping helping of this delicious place anytime day or night. The prices are pretty cheap so don't worry about breaking the bank. If your really hungry I would recommend the Burritos al Carbon its 2 large tortillas stuffed with either beef or chicken fajitas. I personally always go for one of each. I rarely see anyone finish this plate. It also comes with rice and beans for about $12. Another favorite is the Beef Fajita Chimichanga. This is a perfect crisp fried burrito and its full of beef fajita and flavor. This one is covered in cheese so forget about your diet on this one but trust me it is well worth an extra hour on the treadmill. This may look a little small to some but I have seen it defeat even the biggest hungers. Maybe a big reason why its so hard to finish the plates here is because everyone is filling up on the fresh chips and salsa. The chips are really nothing special and dry so the salt doesn't really stick but they still taste good but the salsa is great! Caution on this one because this stuff is spicy but if your willing to risk it you will find that it is well worth the burn. Be sure to have a margarita to cool down the burn. Chapultepec has a ton of different tequila's to mix up any south of the border concoction. If you are looking for something on the lighter side I would recommend the fish tacos. These little tacos are big in taste. The fish is always taste fresh and the crisp lettuce and red cabbage make a perfect combination of a crunchy and chewy blend that makes this one of my favorite places to get a fish taco. While you sit back and devour your delectable dishes enjoy the at times odd ambient music that blast from the old jukebox. You will find some very strange but enjoyable music on here plus some of the more known artist. Just a fair warning about this place and one of my only complaints about this place is no split checks. So I hope that you and your friends are carrying cash to slip it amongst yourselves. Other than that I'll see ya at Chapultepec! The staff is always friendly, the food is always good and ya never have to wait on a table.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Mai's - If its 2am and you are drunk and looking for a place to eat then Mai's is the spot. But warning, this place end up looking like a club once 2am rolls around because everyone is waiting in line for a seat. They have the best and freshest Vietnamese food in Houston. Second warning. The floors are super slippery so be careful when you are drunk in there. Don't worry if you fall, the police are there to kindly pick you up and give you a nice bed to sleep in for the weekend.

3403 Milam St Houston, TX 77002(713) 520-7684

Chapultepec - Mmmm there is nothing better than some awesome cheap greasy Mexican food to soak up all that booze. This place is really awesome. You pretty much never have to wait for a seat. From the outside this place looks like a rundown hole in the wall e. coli factory but once inside you will find some of the most amazing food ever. I love this place because the food is cheap and its super filling. Also the jukebox plays some very odd and interesting music.

813 Richmond Ave Houston, TX 77006(713) 522-2365

Franks Pizza - Well pretty much everyone that parties downtown in Houston knows about Franks Pizza. This places makes some super awesome pies. Yea some may say they are on the the pricey side but its kinda worth it. Sad part is that its downtown and we all know that the downtown party scene is as washed up as Roger Clemens. But if you are downtown and you want some great quick food then Franks is your place. All we need now is some better bars and cupcakes then we can pretend were in Austin!

417 Travis St Houston, TX 77002(713) 225-5656