Friday, September 25, 2009

Ruby Tequila's

Ruby Tequila's
7748 FM 1960 West
Houston, TX 77070
2616 Louisiana
Houston, TX 77006

About a month ago I started to hear a lot of buzz about a new restaurant opening up in town and luckily one of the two locations were opening up near me. After a long day of running errands I decided to take my mom out for dinner. What a better place to take your mother than the new place in town so we headed to Ruby Tequilas. I was really excited to try this place mainly because I had yet to hear anyone else talk about it. When you walk in, there is a clearly visible sign that states “No Microwaves In Use” with a nice radioactive symbol. I guess they really want to push this point that everything here is made fresh. The d├ęcor of the place is nice. It’s very colorful and there are painted quotes all around the room. I will admit I really like the bar setup. They have a nice little patio and you can access the bar from either inside or outside. The doors happened to be open when we arrived which was nice but unfortunately this brought flies. The waitress brought out some chips and salsa while we looked over the menu and assured us that everything at Ruby Tequilas is made fresh. Nothing is premade and there are no microwaves in the building. I can say it felt good to know that. There really isn’t anything worse than not so fresh Mexican food. Another added bonus was their .99 cent draft beers and $1.99 margaritas. I was kind of expecting a long wait for the food since they made sure everything was made fresh. After about fifteen minutes of fly swatting, the sizzling platter of beef and chicken fajitas with shrimp, ribs and mushrooms was being brought to the table. I was pretty impressed by the time it took to bring the food out. The aroma was great, you could smell the parade of flavors that you were about to indulge. A side plate of rice and beans, and another with taco fixings made this meal complete. I couldn’t wait for it to cool down. I started to prepare the tortilla for stuffing while burning my hand on the skillet. The beef fajita was very tender and was cooked to a perfect medium well. The chicken was tender and juicy but there were a couple of strips that were not fully cooked. I couldn’t find anything bad about the shrimp, very tender and not over cooked. They were seasoned in what I could only consider tequila and lime. The ribs were literally falling off the bone. Its hard to describe the seasonings on the ribs because of the light barbeque sauce. It made me think of a mild ancho or chipotle blend of spices. While the beef and chicken fajitas were good they just didn’t seem to blow me away. Unfortunately, this place seemed like a very Americanized Tex-Mex restaurant. While it was good it just didn’t seem too authentic. While I’ll admit everything was fresh I just felt the food really lacked the cojones to be real Tex-Mex. The food was good and I would make a return visit but if I was planning to show friends Tex-Mex food this wouldn’t be my first choice. Granted this place has only been open for two weeks I think after a couple of months they will get into a pattern and maybe the food will have a little more presence. I also believe that if they are going to keep the bay windows of the bar open to the outside that they should invest in some type of fly traps. I could tell you how aggravating it was to enjoy your food while your fighting off four flies. In the end Ruby could use a little work but her tequila is great!

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