Thursday, June 18, 2009

2009 Bite Me Summer Road Trip

2009 Bite Me Summer Road Trip
-Houston, Texas - New Orleans, Louisiana - Austin, Texas-
June 19 2009 - June 28 2009

Its summer time and with the economy in shambles many people are planning on just staying in and exploring their own city. For me, I can’t just stand by and let the economy hold me down. That’s why I’m picking up a camera and hitting the road. This is the 2009 Bite Me Summer Road Trip. I’m headed from the swamps of Louisiana to the hills of Austin. I’m going to find the best food in drinks they have to offer and enjoy that Southern hospitality. In Louisiana I’m going to stop in on New Orleans to see what the French Quarter is cooking up. We’re going to find out who is really packing the punch on Bourbon Street; Battle of the beignets; Cajun fine dining and maybe catch a few spirits along the way. Then we will head back into hill of Austin and chow down on some authentic Texas barbeque; Cupcake showdown, find out what’s the connection between pizza and Austin; See what’s distilling in town and find that home cooked hearty breakfast. The tour starts June 19-28 in New Orleans, Louisiana then we will make our way back to Texas into Austin. I hope everyone enjoys the videos. Be sure to follow along with us on Twitter. @BiteMeHouston

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