Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trentino Gelato

Trentino Gelato

It was a sweltering Sunday afternoon in Houston and the temperatures were hovering around the mid 90’s. In such an active city it’s hard to stay indoors on such a beautiful day. Though the heat was slowing us down I had a friend on the inside that had a cure that could chill the soul. Marcelo Kreindel, an Argentinean born Houstonian, is bringing the passions from his home country here to Houston. Marcelo is the mastermind and gourmet chef behind Trentino Gelato. I know what you’re probably thinking and trust me I was thinking the same, what is an Argentinean doing making Italian ice cream? Well after introductions and a quick sampling, Marcelo told me about Argentina and their love for these frosty treats. Though Gelato may have been born in Italy, Argentineans have been making their own versions for years. Marcelo told us that gelato shops are as common as coffee shops here. Being in Houston the gelato shops almost nonexistent and Marcelo felt a bit homesick. After returning home to Argentina, Marcelo studied the art of gelato making and was ready to bring that Argentinean passion to Houston. Located in a kitchen just outside of downtown Trentino Gelato is literally whipping up some of the sweetest and smoothest treats in town. These aren’t your average Gelatos. Of course you can get your usual fix of chocolate and vanilla but why stop there when Trentino’s has flavors to make your head spin and mouth drool. They are using some of the freshest ingredients and balanced recipes to bring you out of this world flavors like Egg Nog, Green Tea, Nutella, Star Anise and Wild Texas Honey. That’s just to name a few. And do not worry if you're lactose intolerant. .Trentino’s has a wonderful world of sorbets to keep you chill all year long. With cool and refreshing flavors such as Beer, Chili Chocolate, Cucumber Cilantro & Lime, Gazpacho and a South American favorite Guanabana, you won't feel left out. Marcelo is always in the kitchen trying to come up with new recipes for Trentino Gelato fans. A big appeal to me is his passion for his product and his ongoing support to keep things local. Marcelo uses fruits from local farmers markets and deserts from bakeries and coffee shops around town to add a very special local flair of this cross networking goodness. He has even recently added Saint Arnold’s brewery to his list of flavors with the Saint Arnold Amber Beer Sorbet. For the time being Trentino Gelato can only be found at Spec’s, Rice Epicurean & Belden’s or you can find them every Sunday at the Discovery Green Farmers Market. Trentino Gelato can also be found at Coffee Groundz, D’Amico’s and Crickets Creamery & CafĂ©. In my opinion Trentino’s is the best gelato I have ever had. His gelato has such a rich and silky texture that can only set you up for the explosion of rich flavors that be bestowed on your tongue. And all the health conscious Houstonians out there will be pleased to know that gelato has less fat and air than ice cream, so its naturally better for you than ice cream. That nutritional tidbit is what inspired me to sample as many flavors as I could. The Dulce de Leche and Brownie was without a doubt the best thing I had ever tasted. I also highly recommend their sorbets. Trentino's Lemon Sorbet is quite possibly the best thing to have on a hot humid day in Houston. It's sweet and refreshing with a bit of a tangy after taste that bites you in the jaw but it's blended with perfection to balance out the sweet and sour flavors. Trentino's Gelato is the perfect snack to have while spending an afternoon in downtown at Discovery Green Park.

***Be on the lookout for new flavors. Right now Trentino’s is teaming up with Riazul Tequila to make a Blanco sorbet. Sounds yummy and we can’t wait to try it out. I can almost guarantee that once you try Trentino Gelato, you will never go back to ice cream.

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