Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2009 Bite Me Summer Road Trip *New Orleans*

Desire Oyster Bar & Bistro
300 Bourbon St
New Orleans, LA
(504) 586-0300

Among the bars and drunken chaos of Bourbon St. lays a tranquil and quite restaurant that seems very out of place. The Desire Oyster Bar & Bistro is a little diner that seems to transport you to past. It looks as if nothing in this place has changed since its original opening. Old tiles and grand bar bring a nice nostalgia and makes this place seem very warm and welcoming. Many people have told me about Desire but so far I was a little disappointed in the recommendations. I have yet to find that good ole Creole cooking. Everything we have had in New Orleans seemed a little bland and didn’t give me that nice spicy kick. I was hoping Desire would put an end to that. The prices hovered in the median for what I was expecting to pay and figured it would be well worth it. Almost as soon as the waiter brought us some bread and butter our food was almost ready. I was very pleased with the bread. It was very soft and chewy, still warm from the oven. I was growing a little tired with all the Po’Boy’s on this trip so we decided to go with the Crawfish Alfredo and the BBQ Shrimp. Desire is known for their oysters but I have a utter disgust for them and choose to not take part. As the dishes were rush to our table, an eclectic scent of spices came calling. The food was presented nicely and I couldn’t wait to take a bite. The lone crawfish rested atop a mound of fettuccini seemed to stare at me and anxiously wait to be ripped apart and eaten. I decided to toss the little guy to the side and save him for last I was after the pasta first. The sauce wasn’t too thick so it made twirling the fork a breeze. Jumbo lumps of crawfish tails spread throughout the dish like confetti. The taste of the Alfredo sauce was outstanding. Nice mild spice with a rich creamy cheese flavor. The boiled crawfish tails were plump and added a nice little kick. I felt like I was in Cajun food Heaven. I had finally found some great real Cajun cuisine. I looked across the table to see the BBQ Shrimp swimming in a bowl of butter and seasonings. My mouth watered as I longed to taste them. Butter dripped down my fork and I selected a shrimp. The succulent sent of Cajun spices almost danced on my touch as I brought the shrimp to my mouth. It was near perfection. The shrimp was boiled to perfectly with a firm but chewy texture. The taste though is something that can’t be explained. It had a little kick but it wasn’t too spicy and while it was resting in a bowl of butter it wasn’t as greasy as one could imagine. I was falling head over hills for Desire. I started to wonder if this was how they got their name. After you eat here you seem to only desire more. Who would have known you could find such great food tucked in between all the rowdy bars of Bourbon St.

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