Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2009 Bite Me Summer Road Trip *New Orleans*

Old New Orleans Rum Distillery

Spirits are said to be haunting the streets of New Orleans and I’m not talking about the ones that go bump in the night. Just outside of the French Quarter you will find the New Orleans Rum Distillery. This company is a great example of New Orleanians facing adversity and their fight to keep on going. Over the years Old New Orleans Rum has gone through quite a transformation since Hurricane Katrina flooded them in 8 feet of water. They changed the name, redesigned the bottle and began distilling some great new brews. We were given a tour through the distilleries by Jascha, a northern transplant who said he fell in love with the city a few years ago. Jascha learned distilling over the years while working the company and is hand-crafting some of the rum you taste today. The company produces four different varieties of rum. They have their Crystal, Amber, Cajun Spiced and their 10 Year Special Edition. All of these rums are very smooth to the point where they can be sipped alone without that harsh burn other rums can give you. The Crystal Rum would be your ideal mixing rum to make your everyday mojitos and daiquiris. It has a very mellow with hints of vanilla or molasses. Their Amber Rum is a mix from different oak barrels that is aged for three years and they finish it off with their homemade caramel to add a little added flavor. The Cajun Spiced Rum is something to behold. While they have won many awards for their rum the Cajun Spiced have won the best in category for the last three years. It’s a very smooth amber rum that has been blended with different spices to give it that New Orleans kick. This is a very drinkable rum that has the very unique essence of New Orleans. This had to be one of the best spiced rums that I've ever had. It's a very mellow rum with a mild spice. I mean, I could literally drink this all day. Around here they like to mix it with sweet tea to make their Cajun Tea. A very delicious cocktail if I must say so myself. Old New Orleans Rum even distills a unique treasure that can only be purchased in town. They are bottling a10 year old rum that resembles a fine Irish whiskey. This rum is a survivor of Katrina and supplies are limited. They are only cranking out 700 bottles per year. It is a smooth sipping rum with a warming rich vanilla flavor. It would almost be an insult to use it as a mixer. While at the distillery we were lucky enough to sample a work in progress. Old New Orleans Rum has been experimenting and are working on a coconut rum. This delicious buttery coconut rum is unlike anything I had ever had. It seemed to be a little thicker than your usual flavored rum and that was due to the all natural ingredients. I would have to say this trip taught me a lot about rum and how it is distilled. Before this trip I only knew rum to be something you use to make a fruity frozen cocktail. I really can’t thank Jascha and the Old New Orleans Rum Distillery for their hospitality and a lesson in rum. I highly recommending you pick up a bottle of the Cajun Spiced rum for yourself. If your lucky enough to travel to New Orleans try to find a 10 year aged bottle. You definitely will not regret it.

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