Monday, April 6, 2009

Mmmm Beer...

So if any of you know me personally then you know I love beer. I have collected a bottle from every different beer I have ever had. I feel like im a little behind at around 150 different brews down but if you are a beer connisure like me then ya know this hobby can be very costly. I have experienced some of the best beers to the down right most disgusting things a human has ever consumed. I think its fair to say that yes different strokes for different folks but I continue to put my tastebud and liver at stake to explore the vast world of beers. My biggest dream is to run wild through the tents of Octoberfest and enjoy sampling hundreds of microbrews at the Great American Beer Festival but until I save up enough for my journey I must settle with taking a trip down to the Spec's Warehouse on Smith Street in midtown. For me I feel like a little kid in a candy store walking through the isles of wines, champagnes, spirits, beers and cordials from all over the globe, not to mention the meats, cheeses and other foods from the near and far. The sad thing about living in Texas is the strong and overbearing TABC. For no good reason they make it near impossible for microbreweries to survive in the ultra competitive market of beer sales. They make it illegal for these microbreweries to sell their beers directly to the public. Saint Arnold's Brewing Company has become the only successful microbrewery in Texas. Yeah there are a couple of others but Saint Arnold is based out of Houston so that make them one of a kind. Owner Brock Wagner is a big leader in a push to change the TABC laws. I haven't heard much if the bill passed or not but since I haven't heard of any celebrations I take it we were defeated once again. All I can say is write your congressman and tell them you support HB2094. Maybe one day we can have beer festivals here in Texas and show everyone that everything is bigger in Texas.

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