Monday, April 6, 2009


Chapultepec Lupita
813 Richmond Ave
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 522-2365

So everyone hears me talk about Chapultepec so I figure now would be a good time to review the place I love so dearly. From the outside Chapultepec looks like a run down hole in the wall taqueria that most would dare not brave and once you step inside the you will find the decor not much too look at either but the food is amazing! This place has to be one of Houston's hidden gems. Chapultepec is open 24hr so you can get a heaping helping of this delicious place anytime day or night. The prices are pretty cheap so don't worry about breaking the bank. If your really hungry I would recommend the Burritos al Carbon its 2 large tortillas stuffed with either beef or chicken fajitas. I personally always go for one of each. I rarely see anyone finish this plate. It also comes with rice and beans for about $12. Another favorite is the Beef Fajita Chimichanga. This is a perfect crisp fried burrito and its full of beef fajita and flavor. This one is covered in cheese so forget about your diet on this one but trust me it is well worth an extra hour on the treadmill. This may look a little small to some but I have seen it defeat even the biggest hungers. Maybe a big reason why its so hard to finish the plates here is because everyone is filling up on the fresh chips and salsa. The chips are really nothing special and dry so the salt doesn't really stick but they still taste good but the salsa is great! Caution on this one because this stuff is spicy but if your willing to risk it you will find that it is well worth the burn. Be sure to have a margarita to cool down the burn. Chapultepec has a ton of different tequila's to mix up any south of the border concoction. If you are looking for something on the lighter side I would recommend the fish tacos. These little tacos are big in taste. The fish is always taste fresh and the crisp lettuce and red cabbage make a perfect combination of a crunchy and chewy blend that makes this one of my favorite places to get a fish taco. While you sit back and devour your delectable dishes enjoy the at times odd ambient music that blast from the old jukebox. You will find some very strange but enjoyable music on here plus some of the more known artist. Just a fair warning about this place and one of my only complaints about this place is no split checks. So I hope that you and your friends are carrying cash to slip it amongst yourselves. Other than that I'll see ya at Chapultepec! The staff is always friendly, the food is always good and ya never have to wait on a table.

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