Monday, April 20, 2009

Little Bigs

Little Bigs
2703 Montrose Blvd
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 521-2447

Mini burgers, Sliders, Burger it what you will, but the tiny burger craze is sweeping the nation and it seems like everyone is trying to jump on the bandwagon. From Burger King to Chili's, everyone is making their own version of the so-called slider. This includes Houston’s new establishment, Little Big's.
Located in a tiny building on Montrose near Westheimer, Little Big's is taking their love for these tiny creations to a whole new level. Here at Little Big's your options are very limited and you can choose from 3 types of sliders: Beef, Spicy Chicken and 'Shroom & Cheese. You can either order 'em solo or as a trio or you can pick any combo of the 3.
I decided to go for the Trio and get one of each and their four minute fries. A big appeal to me was that everything here is served fresh. From the piping hot fries, the fresh ground beef, rolls and topping...everything is done in house. Since sliders are small it doesn't take very long to get your order and it only takes four minutes for the fries, hence the name. They do have a topping bar to add all of your desired fixings. I suppose this is to help make these tiny burgers seem more filling. At first glance they looked pretty enticing. The Spicy Chicken slider had a great fresh chicken flavor. This is real chicken, not that mixed meat mystery poultry with rib meat. While the flavor was good it lacked any type of seasoning to make it "spicy", as the name said. The chicken was breaded and fried perfectly. It had a nice crispy breading and the sweet dill pickle made a nice compliment to the little sandwich. The homemade yeast roll was semi soft and was easy to bite into.
Next I moved on to the 'Shroom & Cheese slider. From the looks of this one it was going to be oozing with hot cheese ready to afflict third degree burns to my mouth. It is composed of crimini mushrooms and a three cheese blend which was then deep fried. The description alone made my mouth water but once I dug in I felt very disappointed. You can’t really go wrong with mushrooms but the cheese mixture was seriously lacking. It tasted like a mix of government cheese and flour. It was a little hard to swallow but I managed to get it down. Lastly, I was ready to jump in on the juicy beef slider. Claimed to be small but big on flavor and topped with caramelized onions, I couldn't wait to sink my teeth in. As I took a bite I noticed the beef was juicy but it kind of lacked in seasoning, just like the rest. A big turn off for me was that the beef was under cooked. Some people like a pink burger but I would rather not take this risk. The Four Minute Fries were actually pretty delicious. They were nicely salted and fried golden brown without being overly greasy. If I were to make a return to this place I would stick with the Chicken but to each their own. I personally find this as a place to have a few drinks with your buddies and watch the game. They have special, $1.85 Lonestars! Overall, there were just a couple of things I did notice about this place that could be worked on. The interior of the place is very small with just four long counter top tables and the outside deck is great provided there are good weather conditions, so be careful if the weather is nasty. The service here was a little pushy. They kind of expected you to know what you want as you walk in the door. This place isn't all bad, it’s open to 3am so if you are looking for that bite before the road home stop into Little Big's to give it a try and see what you think.

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  1. I agree. The quality of meat is good but flavor lacks.