Friday, April 3, 2009


Mai's - If its 2am and you are drunk and looking for a place to eat then Mai's is the spot. But warning, this place end up looking like a club once 2am rolls around because everyone is waiting in line for a seat. They have the best and freshest Vietnamese food in Houston. Second warning. The floors are super slippery so be careful when you are drunk in there. Don't worry if you fall, the police are there to kindly pick you up and give you a nice bed to sleep in for the weekend.

3403 Milam St Houston, TX 77002(713) 520-7684

Chapultepec - Mmmm there is nothing better than some awesome cheap greasy Mexican food to soak up all that booze. This place is really awesome. You pretty much never have to wait for a seat. From the outside this place looks like a rundown hole in the wall e. coli factory but once inside you will find some of the most amazing food ever. I love this place because the food is cheap and its super filling. Also the jukebox plays some very odd and interesting music.

813 Richmond Ave Houston, TX 77006(713) 522-2365

Franks Pizza - Well pretty much everyone that parties downtown in Houston knows about Franks Pizza. This places makes some super awesome pies. Yea some may say they are on the the pricey side but its kinda worth it. Sad part is that its downtown and we all know that the downtown party scene is as washed up as Roger Clemens. But if you are downtown and you want some great quick food then Franks is your place. All we need now is some better bars and cupcakes then we can pretend were in Austin!

417 Travis St Houston, TX 77002(713) 225-5656

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