Friday, May 29, 2009

Christian's Tailgate Bar & Grill

Christian's Tailgate Bar & Grill
309 Gray, Suite 3503
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 816-0908

Among this hustle and bustle of midtown you will find little bars and restaurants jam packed with patrons looking to unwind. Christian’s Tailgate sits on the backend corner of Bagby and is said to be serving up some of the best award-winning hamburgers. Christian’s Tailgate has been said to have the best burgers in town by both the Houston Press and even Playboy magazine.
On a Thursday night, I was looking for a quick bite to eat and have couple of drinks to start my night. I stopped in to Christian’s to see what all of the hype was all about. The place was a little crowded but I didn’t have a problem finding a table. Luckily we got to sit close to a TV hanging on the wall and watched the Astros game. Waitresses walked around but no one seemed to want to help us. After awhile I decided my best move would be to approach the bar for some menus. We looked over the menu and I can say they had some pretty enticing choices. After about 15 minutes still no one came to check on us so I decided to order at the bar. Since I had heard so much about these burgers I had to try one and I went with the 1/2lb Swiss Mushroom burger with a side of onion rings. The bartender was very friendly and was happy to take my order. I will admit Christian’s has some pretty good drink specials, so I ordered up a couple of drinks and we sat back to watch the Astros game while we waited for our order. The looks of the place wasn't anything too special. I did like that there were TV’s located throughout the place so any seat in the house would be good. We were lucky enough to get a good seat to watch both the NBA Playoffs and the Astros game on two different screens. A little over 30 minutes had past and still no food.... I went to talk to the bartender and she said they would call our number as soon as it was ready. So I went back to waiting. Another 15 minutes had passed and finally our number was called. By the looks of the burger I was pretty pleased. It was nice and big and the meat looked very juicy and the swiss was melted and oozing all over the mushrooms. I couldn’t wait to enjoy this burger. I added some mayo to the bun and I was ready to dig in on this big burger. The meat was cooked perfectly and bun was nice and soft but something was missing. The onion rings on the other hand were terrific. Fried golden brown the batter was soft yet crunchy. The onions almost seemed caramelized as you took a bite. I returned to my burger and still something was amiss. The swiss was mild and the mushrooms gave it a nice flavor but it seemed like the meat itself was unseasoned. I could barely even taste any salt or pepper in the meat. I felt a little disappointed; they could have at least kicked it with a little Cajun seasoning but nothing. Don’t get me wrong, the burger wasn’t disgusting I just felt like it needed to be seasoned. I really don’t think that it lived up to an award winning status. To make things worse the manager came over to change the Astros game during their 9th inning rally to put on some horrific 90's music videos to go along with the "Virtual DJ". Yea sure the Astros were going to lose, but c'mon. It’s better to watch them lose than to watch Blue Traveler music vids. All in all, this place isn’t all that bad. If you are just looking for some drinks and mediocre bar food this is your place. I don’t know what the Houston Press and Playboy magazine were eating when they tried this place but I felt duped. Award winning burgers? Not exactly but you can be the judge.

-Sorry for the bad picture. Only had phone camera-


  1. the award winning burgers are at christian's TOTEM on washington, not christian's tailgate in midtown.

  2. Can you change the Christian's Tailgate phone number at the top of the page to 713-527-0261

    The phone number you have listed is not the number, it is someones cell phone who is tired of getting calls for Christian's Tailgate from people who find your site.


  3. "I felt duped."

    ...aaaaaaaand unsubscribed. Now I know I can't trust YOUR taste!