Friday, May 29, 2009

Coaches Sports Bar & Grill

Coaches Sports Bar & Grill
17754 Katy Fwy
Houston, TX 77084

Lately lunch has been pretty bland. Since I have started this venture in food blogging I have chosen to eat healthy while not on assignment. I pass on the burgers, pizza and sweets and instead opt for soups, salads and sandwiches. Not to mention all the protein shakes and creatine cocktails I take on a daily basis.
So, on Fridays I like to let loose for lunch and get my grub on. Who doesn't? I just consider it as my preparation for my food blogging commence on Saturday. At least that's how I validate it *wink wink*. On this particular day I was in the mood for something different. I wanted something that would knock my socks off and send my taste buds to flavor heaven. Well, I was in Katy because that's where I work. We all know Katy doesn't have many chocies for amazing restaurants but I did notice Coaches Sports Bar & Grill had just opened their 3rd location on the west side of town. On the border of Houston and Katy Coaches sits on the feeder of the Katy Freeway amongst the business area of Park Row. I have been to other Coaches locations in town for drinks but I had never given their food a chance. I might have never gone there for lunch until I saw sign that must have been sent from heaven which read, “Crawfish Served Daily”. As we drive past the place our jaws dropped open because normally you can only get Crawfish on the weekend......SO we made a quick u-turn to see if this was true. Walking into Coaches I was pretty impressed. The place was nice and the staff was very friendly. The lunch crowd hasn’t caught on yet so the place was pretty empty but by the size of this place I don’t think getting a table would ever be a problem. As the waitress brought the menus we only had one question. “Do you have crawfish for lunch?” the response seemed to bring joy these grown men. “Yep, everyday.” F*CK YES, I thought. Everyone ordered their preferred poundage of delicious little mud bugs. Within 15 minutes the crawfish were headed to the table. I’m sure to the outside eyes we looked like hungry wolves ready to devour our meal. Steaming hot, these crawfish seemed to shock everyone at the table. HUGE. These were no little mud bugs that you usually find. These things looked like baby lobsters. They were bright red and the seasoning seemed to intimidate crowd but we couldn’t wait to dig in. Some of these tails were almost the size of an adult thumb. They were so big even the claws had a nice helping of meat. If I have emphasized the size of the crawfish enough to ya I have to mention the taste. WOW. Even though these crawfish were big, the taste was enormous! They were spicy but they actually had a flavor. It seemed to make these men groan in bliss or maybe it was the burn. Either way it was without a doubt the best crawfish I had ever had. At only $3.50 per pound it’s hard to not get carried away. There are no potatoes or corn on this tray just spicy big crawfish. They make sure you get your money’s worth here. On Sundays they have an all you can eat special on their crawfish and I can only imagine how many pounds they go thru. This was the best lunch I have had in a long time and we have chosen to make Coaches a weekly thing. Cheap food for a great price is the secret to success and Coaches is on key. With daily drink specials and live music on the weekend this is a definite must. Whether for food or drinks, Coaches is your place!

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